Imeson Distribution Center is ideally positioned to serve as the distribution arm of your company in Florida and the Southeast as well as Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, South America and Europe. No other public distribution warehouse is better located, better managed or better prepared to get your products to market on schedule and at a reasonable cost.

When you choose Imeson Distribution Center, here is what you get:

  • The largest and most modern warehouse complex in Jacksonville.
  • Jacksonville’s dual distinction, as a Sunbelt distribution center serving 44 million people in the southeastern United States, and as an international port with shipping direct to major markets on both sides of the Atlantic, and throughout the Caribbean and South America.
  • A professional management team that understands warehousing, transportation (motor, rail, piggyback and container), pool distribution, importing, exporting and traffic management — all from your point of view.
  • An experienced staff of more than 90 employees ready to meet your needs from consignment to warehousing to distribution and delivery.
  • A custom-designed electronic inventory system complete with the newest RF handheld computers to provide your distribution, marketing and financial departments with the information they need, when they need it.
  • All of the individualized services you need including the special handling of packaged goods; pick and pack; repack; blister packing, and unit conversion for club-type stores. We also provide overseas container loading and bracing for aluminum coils, automobiles, heavy equipment and general merchandise. Our forklift equipment ranges in capacity from 4,000 to 15,000 pounds and has every attachment necessary for any type of warehouse handling.
  • A total of 760,500 square feet of food-grade space — including temperature and humidity control rooms — for every purpose from raw materials to grocery products. All buildings are of concrete masonry construction and all are safeguarded for maximum sanitation and security.
  • A central alarm and security system, with a Class 1AA rating, electronically protects all entrances and windows.

Imeson Distribution Center serves all kinds of clients, large and small. Our total range of commodities includes grocery products, candy, glass containers, household appliances, wood pulp, lawn and garden implements, household paper products, lumber, Kraft paper, liner board, pet food, machinery, equipment, aluminum (coil, sheets and ingots) — and everything in between.