Complete Container Freight Services for Import/Export Operations

In actuality, Imeson functions very much like a shipping agent, receiving freight by rail or truck and loading it into containers for overseas shipping, or breaking down inbound containers for transportation throughout the United States.

The services provided by Imeson Distribution Center are available to all importers and exporters. These include the consolidation of shipments for overseas destinations; contract drayage to and from the ports, both of which are within six miles of Imeson’s own warehouses, and complete lumber and carpentry services for shoring and bracing heavy cargo.

When necessary, Imeson arranges USDA and U.S. Customs inspections, as it does for shipments of flowers, frozen meats, produce and dairy products for international trade.

Other commodities handled by Imeson on a regular basis include perishable fruits and vegetables; packaged goods; food and grocery products; aluminum; lumber; heavy equipment; machinery; pumps, and general merchandise.