No matter how you look at it; from a local, regional, national or international perspective; Imeson Distribution Center is in the perfect position to meet your needs.
Locally, Imeson Distribution Center is within 15 minutes of Jacksonville’s two deep water port facilities as well as the cargo services at the city’s international airport. Imeson also has its own direct line rail connection and is only a mile from Interstate 95 and access to other major highways serving the area.
From a broader point of view, Imeson Distribution Center can distribute products to 44 million people within 500 miles of Jacksonville in such major markets as Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Birmingham, and Charlotte. From a national and international standpoint, Imeson regularly receives and distributes products from throughout the United States as well as Puerto Rico, other Caribbean Islands, South America and Europe. How can we serve your warehousing and distribution needs?

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  • Address: 550 Gun Club Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218
  • Phone: 904-751-5500
  • Fax: 904-751-6370

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