Imeson’s inventory control System:
What you need to know – when you need to know it
Electronic, hand-held “guns” give Imeson Distribution Center capability of handling thousands of shipping, warehousing and billing transactions a week. The guns represent the newest technology in a state-of-the-art operation.

Using WIFI, the guns report all inbound shipments, record perpetual inventory, locate current stock and register all outbound orders. The benefits: More accurate documentation; improved production; less paperwork; cleaner bills of lading; ease in handling the special needs of each client; better date code management; instant on-line communication with a client, and improved cash flow with timely information for billing purposes.

The system uses a software package especially created for public warehousing. The system can interface with a client’s own system by telephone line and can be programmed to fit a client’s normal operating procedures. The system can also perform multiple functions simultaneously for the same or different client’s and is invaluable in providing immediate response to inquiries.

Among its many functions, the system can provide:

  • Automatic and immediate inventory control.
  • Automatic month-end invoices and reports.
  • Instant reports at any time, plus end of the month reports.
  • Controlled release of allocated orders, with an accurate audit trail.
  • Bill of lading in almost any format.
  • Special management information reports, including task charging reports, delivery and COD activity reports.

In effect, the Imeson computer system and the WIFI gun can provide virtually any stock control or accounting function a client requires.