Total Service In Food Items and Grocery Products

Well over half of Imeson Distribution Center’s business volume and more than 75 percent of its warehouse space are devoted to raw food materials and grocery products.

The range of products is almost endless: Candy, chewing gum, snack foods and canned goods. Household paper products and glass containers. Cleansing powders and plastic cups.

The company’s ability to handle this volume and diversity of food and grocery products – and its capability to handle still more – are due to several factors, all of benefit to Imeson’s present and future clients:

  • All three Imeson warehouses, a total of 760,500 square feet, are built for flexibility and multiple product storage. Space can be zoned, and then be chilled or air conditioned, to suit the products being stored. Complete temperature and humidity controlled rooms are available.
  • Imeson’s full-time sanitation manager, licensed by the State of Florida, insures compliance with FDA standards. All buildings are fogged and inspected on a regular schedule.
  • A complete packaging service for multi-packs of consumer products that are sold through club type stores.
  • Imeson’s computerized inventory system, designed to interface with a client’s own data processing equipment, provides immediate and complete control of product distribution, from consignment through shipping and delivery.
  • Jacksonville’s ideal location for serving all of Florida and the Sunbelt area of the Southeast as well as Europe, the Caribbean and South America.
  • Imeson’s proven management and personnel.

All of Imeson’s capabilities for warehousing, distribution and delivery of food and grocery products add up to one thing: Total service. From the time the products leave your hands until the time they’re delivered to your customer, Imeson Distribution Center provides the service you can count on.