Imeson Distribution Center never stops growing to meet the needs of its clients. Currently Imeson has 760,500 square feet of space. Of this amount, 92,000 square feet is air conditioned for temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees. The temperature and humidity in all of the spaces are automatically monitored and controlled year-round.
All of the buildings are of concrete frame construction with tilt panels and either metal or built up roofs. Doors and windows are secured and electronically monitored at all times by a central alarm station. The system carries a Class 1 AA rating.

Each warehouse has its own rail siding and Imeson has a total capacity of handling 49 rail cars and 106 trucks at the same time. The flexibility of Imeson’s space makes it possible to handle everything from raw materials to refrigerated consignments to grocery products.

760500 Total Warehouse Sq Ft

90000 Climate Controlled Sq Ft